The Resilience Imperative and the Power of Data


I stumbled across this video of my presentation at the Sun Valley Forum from the Summer of 2017.

Paul Walsh, Director, Weather Strategy, IBM Global Business Services/The Weather Company spoke at the Sun Valley Forum 2017.

Rethinking Weather: The Resilience Imperative and the Power of Data.

In a time of increasing weather chaos, weather data is empowering companies, saving ecosystems, protecting communities, engaging consumers, and informing investors to build a more resilient world.

Please see for more information; hosted by the Sun Valley Institute,

This event is a particular favorite!

Each year the Sun Valley Forum gathers innovators from government,
business, nonprofits, investment, and academia, as well as local leaders,
visitors, and residents, to share strategies, broaden thinking, and ignite
new partnerships at this groundbreaking event with a goal of building
greater resilience. Environmental shifts and economic interdependence,
as well as social and political upheavals, call for proactive leadership to
build resilient communities, companies, nations, and economies.

You can see all the presentations from the last two years HERE.


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