Four Reasons The Weather Impact on Consumers is Increasing

My (very smart!) colleagues at Blue Wolf interviewed me last week for this lofty sounding article and did what I would have thought impossible — they made me sound relatively cogent.

Well done, Taylor Price! 

You can read the full interview here  — (and thanks for the share @ericberridge)

In the interest of not burying the lead here are the four reasons that I called out —

Forecast accuracy: Consumers expect the forecasts to be correct and subsequently, plan their lives based on the data they receive.

Mobile access: We are connected to weather forecasts instantly, on-demand, and at all hours of the day. Access to weather information anywhere around the world allows businesses to adjust how they manage their supply chains, inventory, pricing, product assortment, promotions based on local weather forecasts.

Social media: Even mediocre weather events are now amplified to reach more people than ever before. Our awareness of extreme weather events is at an all-time high and can directly impact those who are indirectly impacted. For example, the California wildfires might motivate someone to buy fire retardant clothing.

Climate change: Increasingly volatile changes in the weather are impacting more people. The less predictable the weather, the more we want to rely on forecasts for a sense of certainty and stability.

For more color – direct from the horse’s mouth — below is a short (9-minute) video from an interview I did at a Shopper Insights conference in Chicago back in 2015.

This was before The Weather Company was acquired by IBM — if nothing else, I’m consistent!